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5 Questions Most People Can't Answer

Why is it difficult for most people to answer questions like these? Some are simply too busy with the cares of life to even bother with it. Others assume that thinking about such things is too abstract... and besides, life is too complicated to do anything about it. And finally, some people are afraid of what they might discover, so they choose to not "go there". However, if you dare to ask these types of questions, be sure to ask the RIGHT questions. Why? Because asking "Right Questions" leads to "New Possibilities" that you may not have thought of before.

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  1. Do I have some sort of mysterious or "divine" destiny to fulfill in Life?
  2. Okay... If I do have a destiny, then how do I find it?
  3. Is it possible for me to miss my destiny?
    • Again, you might rephrase your question like this: "How can I get back on track WHEN I get off course?"
    • All of us drift off course. We make wrong choices; we become persuaded that the grass is greener somewhere else; or we simply become discouraged. By learning the skills of navigating, you'll be able to detect "drift" sooner and be able to correct your course more effectively.

  4. When life's storms hit without warning, how can I keep from being overwhelmed?
  5. I know life is short. What can I do to leave a legacy of dignity and honor for my family?


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