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7 Questions Pastors May Be Afraid to Ask

Why would a pastor be afraid to ask questions like these? Maybe you've already asked them in your heart... but you're not sure you want to know the answers! Or perhaps you're searching for someone who can confirm what you're already thinking. However, if you're going to ask questions, be sure to ask the RIGHT questions. Why? Because asking "Right Questions" leads to "New Possibilities" that you may not have thought of before.

Click each Question to see New Possibilities.

  1. In the mists of a recession, what will happen to my church?
    • To answer this, you would have to ask and answer a higher question: "Does the success of God's Church depend upon the economy?"
    • Perhaps the Lord will use you to speak hope, stability, faith and confidence to the hearts of people who are filled with anxiety. Then they will see your church as a rock of stability during the uncertainty of a difficult economy.

  2. What should I do with my staff or pastors who are "dragging their feet" instead of "getting on board" with the vision?
  3. What will happen to my church and all the years of ministry I've poured into people's lives after I'm gone?
  4. How should I deal with the controversy of women flowing in ministry?
  5. What can I do when I sense lifelessness or diminishing attendance in my church?
  6. How would I handle a major moral failure within the leadership of my church?
  7. Sure, I want to grow, but why should I even think about new facilities when we can't afford to build them?



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