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Greetings From The Founders

"One generation imparting truth, wisdom and solutions into the next" is the theme of our ministry. And that was precisely what my Dad did for me. When Dad, who was a professional pilot, gave me flying lessons, he imparted to me both piloting and life skills. He taught me to navigate a plane through the air, but more importantly, he taught me to navigate myself and my family through life. He taught me to plot a course, deal with adversities and arrive safely. Years later, when the Lord called me into the ministry, I was able to help others do the same. Now after thirty years of serving God in a large multi-ethnic church, I offer this ministry to you as well. Hidden within each of you lies your destiny. It's what brings meaning to your life. It's the path you leave for others to follow.

Daniel C. Rhodes, Founder


It is a privilege to work with those whom God draws to our ministry. For the past thirty years, I've assisted my husband in many ministry settings. But dearest to my heart were the opportunities to birth, nurture and lead vibrant ministries to ladies. I've witnessed the miraculous power of God's Spirit touch and change lives as He gave hope, purpose and direction to hundreds of women. My heart's desire is to be a blessing to you as well. With the Lord's help, I will bring exhortation, freedom, healing and restoration to women that will propel them into their highest potential in God and into their divine destinies. Being led by God's Spirit in your every day walk with Him will open the "Windows of Your Heart" to endless opportunities of fulfillment.
Sheila Rhodes, Co-Founder

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