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There are few life-events more sacred to a pastor than when the Lord apprehends his or her heart for the ordained ministry. (I know , I experienced God's sovereign call over 30 years ago and have walked in His destiny ever since.) Likewise, there are few events more sacred in the life of a congregation than when they come to the full realization of who they are, why they became a church and what God has called them to do in their community and in the world. This is your Divine Destiny, walking in God's gracious plan for you personally and for your church. To better understand Destiny, I offer the following clarifications:

  • Destiny-It's neither blind fate nor an irresistible course of life imposed by a distant deity. And, you are neither its victim nor a slave to its power.
  • Destiny-It's the kind intentions of a loving Creator who personally knows you, offers to you a gracious plan that enhances your God-given gifts, and helps you to become His vessel through whom He influences the lives of others and furthers His cause on earth.
  • Destiny Navigators-That's who YOU are, men and women who desire to discover and live in that gracious plan of God. Our mission is to teach you the skills to begin navigating the most amazing journey of your life.

That's the Good News! The Bad News is that with your destiny come challenges that hinder you from fulfilling God's intentions. (I know, I've walked through some of the most glorious successes and the most catastrophic events that a church can possibly experience!) Some of your challenges are natural in nature, and some are spiritual, and you have to know the difference! We know, all too well, the struggles that pastors and churches go through, and so does God. We believe the Lord is already at work on your behalf to bring about His solutions for the challenges you and your ministry are experiencing. To further assist you, we offer seven different areas of ministry to help you work smarter rather than just harder (Eccles. 10:10). Click each point below for a full description of how we can serve you.

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