Destiny Navigators

People Seeking to Discover Their Destinies

Who Am I? Why am I here? Is there anything Out There for me? At some point in our lives we all find ourselves asking questions like these. Amazingly, you'll find there are as many answers as there are disciplines of study. The philosopher may tell you the purpose of your existence is to exist, and to achieve higher levels of inner consciousness. The psychologist may suggest that self-actualization is the ultimate achievement in life. The sociologist may explain that your purpose is to participate in society and serve humankind. The astronomer will show you the possibilities of life on other solar systems and define you as just a tiny speck in a vast universe. The hedonist will tell you the greatest good is experiencing pleasure and happiness. The atheist will say that nothing really matters because when you die you dissolve into nothingness! On and on the ideas swell and fade like the endless waves of the sea, until you finally meet the eternal God who created you. Once you experience His presence, all other human concepts of identity and purpose pale in comparison to the glorious person He created you to be. Do I have a Destiny in Life to Fulfill? Many people, including committed Christians, may struggle with these questions of Purpose and Destiny. In your quest, consider the following clarifying observations about Destiny that will make this an enjoyable journey for you rather than a stressful and endless search.

  • Destiny-It's neither blind fate nor an irresistible course of life imposed by a distant deity. And, you are neither its victim nor a slave to its power.
  • Destiny-It's the kind intentions of a loving Creator who personally knows you, offers to you a gracious plan that enhances your natural gifts, and helps you to become a positive influence in the lives of others.
  • Destiny Navigators-That's who YOU are, men and women who desire to discover and live in that gracious plan of God. The calling of this ministry is to teach you the skills to begin navigating the most amazing journey of your life.

God created and gifted you with divine distinction and purpose. And it is His joy to help you discover and live in that purpose. Remember, it's one thing to discover your Destiny, but it's another to actually live in it! To further assist you, we offer five dynamic Study Guides in One Book designed to equip you for your destiny. Click each point below to learn the secrets that many people never discover about their Destiny:

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