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As we mentioned before, "Setting Your Heart on the Kingdom" contains more than ordinary devotionals. They are daily Teachings drawn from the context of every book of the Bible. And they surface more than just natural "life-principles." They are relevant principles of God's Kingdom revealing the heart and mind of God for your Destiny in Him. In every book of the Bible, you will find a loving and gracious God directing and correcting your course to discover solutions for all of life's dilemmas. We invite you to click the "Titles for the Entire Year" tab to see the topic of each devotional. Click the "Month" tab for a summary statement for each book of the Bible.

And now you can own these spiritually insightful Teaching Devotionals... one month at a time or the entire twelve-month series. You have two purchase options to choose from:

  1. Download Offer: $2.50 plus sales tax for each month or the entire year for $49.95 plus sales tax.
  2. Hardcopy Book Offer: $2.50 plus sales tax for each month or the entire year for $99.95 plus sales tax, shipping and handling .

We have full confidence that every time you "Set Your Heart on God's Kingdom," the King will meet you in the quietness of your heart. Our prayer for you is to live and grow in His Glorious Kingdom... and be able to help others discover their Destiny in Him as well.

Pastor Daniel C. Rhodes
Author of Setting Your Heart on the Kingdom


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