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Discovering your Destiny is a life-journey. But the final destination isn't a distant island or land... it's living in God's gracious plan that enhances your true identity. However, there is a logical process by which you discover and live in that destiny. To assist you we have prepared these five Study Guides combined into one book.

  1. Preparing to Sail... into Your Destiny (Now Available)
  2. Lining Up Your Life... with the Compass of God's Word (Now Available)
  3. Learning to Govern Yourself... to Stay on Course
  4. Navigating Through the Storms... of Your Personal Crises
  5. Creating a Legacy... for Your Family to Follow

We invite you to review each of these Study Guides found under the "Seeking to Discover Your Destiny" tab for a preview of how to begin your exciting journey.

These remaining four Study Guides are in the process of being created and printed and should be available soon. You can own the instructional Study Guides with two purchase options to choose from:

  1. Download Offer: $2.50 plus sales tax.
  2. Hardcopy Book Offer: $6.50 plus sales tax, shipping and handling.

May the Lord continually open your heart, mind and spirit to know your true identity in Him, to discover your Destiny and to live in His gracious plan throughout your entire life.

Pastor Daniel C. Rhodes
Founder of Destiny Navigators


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