Destiny Navigators

Book 1- January

Genesis to Numbers

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What's Inside?
  • Genesis

    The Book of Beginnings. Within the revelatory pages of these devotionals you will discover more than how our planet began. You will learn how God began restoring a fallen world. And you'll be amazed to find out who God has chosen as His partner to restore the world where you live!

  • Exodus
    The Book of Deliverance. The rich stories in these devotionals teach how the compassion and grace of God delivered a people trapped in bondage. But even more importantly, He still delivers people today...including you. Then you will be shocked to learn what God does next!
  • Leviticus
    The Book of Redemption. Don't skip over this essential book of the is far more important than you realize. In these devotionals you will discover the very roots of your salvation. Then you'll see how God restores your identity and restructures your life to live in His Kingdom.
  • Numbers
    The Book of Testing. Israel wandered in the desert for 40 years...all because they failed to believe God. And God still tests hearts today. But His tests are not like the ones you had in school...they're opportunities to fulfill your destiny. Read how you can pass the tests and avoid the pitfalls in life.

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