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Book 11- November

Titus to 1 Peter

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What's Inside?
  • Titus
    On-the-Job Training for a Young Bishop. When Paul left Titus in Crete to superintend churches, he did him no favor! Faced with belligerent and unprincipled men, Titus had his hands full. Were it not for Paul's letter, he may have failed. In these devotionals you'll discover that what Titus needed to know, what you need to know too!
  • Philemon
    The World's Shortest Book on Restoration and Spiritual Maturity. What would you do if an unbeliever who hurt you suddenly became your Brother or Sister in Christ? Interesting dilemma! Learn these principles and you'll take maturity to the next level!
  • Hebrews
    Christianity 101. The writer of this amazing epistle wanted to be certain his readers understood the heart-beat of their faith. Packed full of good theology and deep spiritual insight, you'll learn what qualifies you to receive His unshakable Kingdom forever!
  • James
    The Keeping it Real Book! No other writer did what James did, he masterfully applied the wisdom of Jesus' teachings to the Church problems of his day. From dealing with personal sin to knowing how you treat others, these seven devotionals are indispensable!
  • 1 Peter
    An Eternal Perspective During Trying Times. Remember Peter,the one who denied the Lord? Just look at him now! Writing during Nero's demonic persecution of the Christian Church, Peter penned this letter to the churches. If your eyes need to be lifted above you own personal difficulties, these devotionals are a must for you!

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