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Book 12- December

2 Peter to Revelation

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What's Inside?
  • 2 Peter
    Growing Spiritually While Others Fall Away. What Satan couldn't do by killing Christians, he tried to do with False Teachings. In Peter's second book, he stops heresy in its tracks. Learn how to safeguard your faith in the midst of apostasy!
  • 1 John
    Guarding Your Faith with a True Picture of Christianity. With heresies running wild, John corrected wrong concepts of sin, the Incarnation and God's Love. No there are no new church problems, just ancient traps that these devotionals will help you avoid.
  • 2 John
    Correcting the Teachers of Heresy. John taught that false doctrine could be avoided if Godís people could just recognize false teachers. True thenÖvery true today as well!
  • 3 John
    Controlling Spirits, They Love to be in Charge! In this short letter, John laid out a stinging correction for one who was causing disorder. Essential insights for all church leaders today!
  • Jude
    The Spirit Behind All Heresies. Again, the abundance of false doctrine stirred Jude to write his letter. He revealed their source, Satan himself! Read this and guard your heart!
  • Revelation
    The Revelation Jesus Christ, the Eternal King of God's Kingdom; and the Church, His Victorious Bride. Nothing had ever been written like this, and nothing will ever take its place. It's the graphic account of the culmination of the ages! We've prepared fourteen devotionals taken from this incredible book written with personal applications. Without fear, you will know for certain how God brings a proper conclusion to all things.

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