Destiny Navigators

Book 2- February

Genesis to Revelation

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What's Inside?
  • Deuteronomy
    The Book of Generational Impartation. If you knew your life was coming to an end, what would be your last words? Moses had one last chance to address the next generation. Don't miss these jewels of wisdom.
  • Joshua
    The Book of Conquest. When God gives a promise, it's not free! That's what Joshua found out. Read these devotionals, you'll learn the dramas of successes and failures and how God will work with you...even as He did with Israel 3,400 years ago.
  • Judges
    Living in the Land of Your Promise. It's one thing to receive a promise, and another to keep it! Just as Israel lost the Promised Land, many Christians follow their sad example. Learn how to be victorious rather than becoming another bad statistic!
  • Ruth
    The Story of Christ and His Church. In this short book you'll discover the character of your heart that attracts the Lord to you...and reverses a despised past!
  • 1 Samuel
    Your Destiny Really is in Your Hands. This book vividly contrasts the colossal failures and stunning successes of leadership. Whether you're a leader of your country, your business or your home, these devotionals are a must for you!
  • 2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles
    The "Tell-All" Books. The Bible doesn't hold back when it comes to David's life. It tells the whole story of his fame, folly and faith. How can you walk in his victories and not his fiascoes? Read these devotionals!

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