Destiny Navigators

Book 3- March

1 Kings to Psalms 103

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What's Inside?
  • 1 Kings and 2 Chronicles
    A Nation Torn in Two. It's the story of how a nation fell from glory to disgrace all in the life-time of one king Solomon! If you learn from the failures of the past, you won't follow in the footsteps of foolish kings.
  • 2 Kings
    The Amazing Grace of God. Even in the midst of failure, God gives second chances to people who don't deserve it. Don't miss the spiritual insights from the dramas of how God mercifully will work with you, even when you fail too.
  • Ezra
    The Power of Prophetic Encouragement. Israel, who had just returned from captivity, needed God more that ever. If you know someone who needs encouraging, these devotionals are for them, and probably for you too!
  • Nehemiah
    Rebuilding after Tragedy. Most of us ask God to rebuild our lives. But God's plan, as it was with Israel, is to work though you as you rebuild your own life.
  • Esther
    The Story of Influence. Have you ever found yourself trapped in a negative situation? Perhaps God can use you as He did Esther, to be an influence for His cause!
  • Job
    Bad Things and Good People. In this oldest Book of the Bible, the curtain will be drawn back to reveal why God, at times, will allow difficulties to come into your life.
  • Psalms
    Real People and a Real God. The saints of old were just like you and me, they got discouraged. But in the midst of it all, they managed to find the God who could lift them out of despair into His glorious presence. God still does that today.

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