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Book 5- May

Ezekiel to Obadiah

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What's Inside?
  • Ezekiel
    God is Bigger than Your Problems. In this intriguing book, Ezekiel was a prisoner during the Captivity speaking hope to a people in great despair. Learn how to hear from God during your darkest hours. And He can use you to help others as well.
  • Daniel
    Why God May Leave You Where You Don't Want to Be. Daniel was also a prisoner in captivity. His mission: Influence the king! Before asking God to take you out of a difficult situation, read these devotions. Maybe you have that same mission!
  • Hosea
    What Does God Do To People You Don't Like? You're not going to believe these devotionals! Don't read them if you're afraid to lean how God really sees sinners!
  • Joel
    God Shows up to Give Hope, Even in Your Biggest Messes! Israel was much like us, they blamed everybody but themselves! The truth in these devotionals will give you hope. There is a way out if you listen to God and open your heart to Him.
  • Amos
    God Uses Ordinary People for His Extraordinary Work. Do you see injustice and oppressive systems? Does it make you want to do something about it? Could this be God's way of stirring your heart to action? Read these devotionals and find out!
  • Obadiah
    God Keeps the Records on Those Who Oppress His People. Obadiah is the shortest book in the Old Testament, but it speaks volumes! Learn how God deals oppressive people, and what finally happens to you!

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