Destiny Navigators

Book 6- June

Jonah to Malachi

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What's Inside?
  • Jonah
    Most of Us Are Clueless About How God Thinks! The biggest Fish-Story in the Bible, but very few know the whole story. Learn what God's desire is for your enemies!
  • Micah
    God's Judgment and Mercy, all in One Book. Yes, sin has to be confronted, but mercy always follows. See how God does it, and you can do the same for others.
  • Nahum
    A Quick Lesson on How to Lose Out With God. There are a lot of things you can forget, but don't forget this! Read about it and be sure to tell your children as well.
  • Habakkuk
    Can You Trust God in the Midst of a Personal Disaster? Few people take the time to read this book. But if you do, you'll learn the secret to weathering any storm.
  • Zephaniah
    The Day of the Lord, Frightful or Rewarding? There will be both Judgment and Restoration. Read this and you'll find out which group you are in!
  • Haggai
    Sometimes God Comforts and Other Times He Gives a Good Swift Kick! These devotionals will teach you to receive both from God&and reap an eternal reward
  • Zechariah
    Prophetic Insight in Natural Dilemmas. Hidden deep within the natural is God's supernatural workings. Now you can see what Zechariah saw and be encouraged.
  • Malachi
    A Reality Check, Do You Have Dead Religion or Living Faith? The answer lies in how you live. Learn how your faith becomes living and changes your world forever.

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