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Book 7- July

Matthew to John

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What's Inside?
  • Life of Jesus - His Identity
    The Life of Jesus- His Identity Who was this man we call Jesus? Was He a prophet, a healer or a deliverer? Was He a just a good man, or was He God who came in the flesh? By combining the Four Gospel accounts of Jesus' life, we'll help you to know who He was and is. But don't stop there. Read on and you'll discover who you are too!
  • Life of Jesus - His Ministry
    You may have heard the phrase, "WWJD" - What Would Jesus Do. Wouldn't it be good to find out "WDJD" - What DID Jesus Do? In these devotionals we've combined the Four Gospels to give you eleven principles on how He ministered to people. Follow this pattern and your ministry will be changed forever!
  • Life of Jesus - His Teachings
    Teaching is the systematic presentation of truth in clear and simplistic terms that can be appropriated in human experience. And, of course, Jesus was the Master Teacher. Those who received His teachings were changed forever. Read these nine teachings of Jesus and your life will be changed forever too!
  • Life of Jesus - His Death and Resurrection
    Why did Jesus have to die? Why is His resurrection so essential? What really happened on the cross? What was the last thing He ever did on earth? By reading these six events that surrounded the death and resurrection of Jesus, your understanding of the Christian faith will move to the next level.

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