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Book 8- August

Acts to 1 Corinthians

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What's Inside?
  • Acts
    Empowered by Holy Spirit. Have you ever wondered what it was like to live in days of Early Church? What a powerful spiritual explosion of human dramas, miracles and life-changing encounters with the Living God! It was God's Spirit working through Christ's followers. In these eleven devotionals you can learn how to turn the world upside down, right where you live today!
  • Romans
    Great Faith yet Great Mixture. The church in Rome was a mixed bag. While strongly believing in Christ, they had mixed their faith with Paganism, Humanism and Judaism. Incredibly, many Christians today are just like the believers in Rome! What was needed then is what we need today, a good dose of the Gospel and the truth about righteousness and redemption in Christ alone. And that's what you'll get, and more, in these ten insightful devotionals from Paul's letter to the Roman Christians
  • 1 Corinthians
    A Church in the Center of Mammon, Greed, Sensuality. That's what Corinth was like in Paul's world, just like it is in our world today! In his first letter to this church, he dealt with factions, disagreements and theological confusion, just like in your church! In this series, you'll learn ten amazing principles of God's Kingdom. You'll learn how to be an influence in the world, without being influenced by its standards!

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