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Book 9- September

2 Corinthians to Philippians

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What's Inside?
  • 2 Corinthians
    God's Good Gift Hidden in Failing Flesh. Paul and the Corinthian church had this in common, they both were undeserving recipients of salvation. The difference was that Paul knew it and they didn't! After reading these eight dynamic truths of God's Kingdom, you'll know why God places His good gift, in your failing flesh too.
  • Galatians
    One Foot in Truth, and the Other in Deception. That's what was happening to the Christians in Galatia. Living in midst of powerful forces drawing them away from Christ wasn't easy, just like it isn't easy for you either. Even if you're a mature believer, you need these devotionals to help you stay on track with God.
  • Ephesians
    Struggling with the Enemy, Within! What a dichotomy the Christian church planted in an ancient city of vice, violence and paganism! What a dichotomy, your redeemed nature living in your fallen flesh! Paul gave victorious solutions to the Ephesians. And when you read these devotionals, you'll have these solutions for your life as well.
  • Philippians
    Comforting Words. We All Need Them. This short 4 chapter epistle, written from the hopelessness of a Roman prison, contains perhaps the sweetest messages of comfort known to human kind. It floods the soul with the peace of God in time of crisis and confusion. Whatever your struggle is, you need these devotionals.

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