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Pursuing God's Kingdom, Above All Else - Now Available!

Jesus began His ministry by proclaiming the Kingdom of God. He commanded His disciples to "Seek first His Kingdom and His Righteousness." The Resurrected Christ spent the final 40 days of His earthly ministry "Speaking of the things concerning the Kingdom of God." And the end of the world will culminate when "The kingdom of the world has become the Kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ."

This workbook is offered in a Teacher and a Student Edition. Formatted in a "key word" fill-in-the-blank style, it relieves students from taking laborious notes, yet they have a completed notebook for future use. It allows teachers to present this material in an orderly and easy to follow format with the freedom to expand their teaching with illustrations and applications of their own. By the time students complete these four classes, they will become more than just those who understand the Kingdom...they will "Become Seekers of God's Kingdom" as well!

What's Inside This Workbook?

  • Class 1: Tell me About God's Kingdom...In Plain Language!
  • Class 2: Why Should I Pursue God's Kingdom Above All Else?
  • Class 3: How Does God's Kingdom Come to Earth?
  • Class 4: What Does the Kingdom of God Have to Do With Me?


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