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Once Upon A Kingdom

Would you like to know what the Kingdom of God is all about… without having to read a theological textbook? Do you want to understand how the Drama of God's Kingdom impacts your personal life and the lives of your family and friends? That's exactly why this book was written.

In less than 100 pages, here's what you'll discover when you read this book:

  • The Story of the Kingdom of God, written as a Dramatic Theological Portrayal (a Spiritual Allegory) set on the backdrop of Medieval Kings, Kingdoms, Knights, Evil Rulers and Dragons.
  • Sound Biblical Doctrine presented as a readable story of God's Kingdom… the Ultimate Account of Intrigue, Betrayal and Restoration
  • Personal Lessons that you will learn from each Chronicle of the Drama of the Kingdom of God. Plus "The Story Behind the Story" explanations

This is not a Fairy Tale. This is the Ultimate Reality. You are IN the Greatest Epic Story Ever Told.
The Kingdom of God!

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May the Lord continue to open your heart to His heart and direct your life according to His kind intentions and gracious will.

Pastor Daniel C. Rhodes
Founder of Destiny Navigators

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