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Tough Questions You're Afraid to Ask Your Pastor

30 Challenging Questions Answered From God's Word

When the unthinkable happens, many of us are left stunned and bewildered in the wake of uncontrollable events. We just can't wrap our minds around what has occurred… especially when it happens to us! That's when we ask the Tough Questions… the ones we may even be afraid to ask our pastors! We desperately need to know, "What's going on? Why did this happen? What does it mean? What should I do?"

Across thirty-five years of pastoral ministry, I've been asked nearly every question imaginable. Some are thought provoking, but others are heart-wrenching dilemmas of human tragedy. Deep-thinking Christians aren't satisfied with human opinions or philosophical platitudes… they've got to have an answer from God! For only in Him do they find words of Life. And only in His Word do they discover the Mind of God that transcends our human frailties.

In less than 100 pages, here's what you'll discover when you read this book:

  • Is It Okay To Ask God Tough Questions?
  • Ten Questions and Perplexities About the Bible.
  • Ten Questions and Dilemmas Regarding Life.
  • Ten Questions and Problems Concerning Church and Ministry.
  • Epilogue: How You Can Discover God's Answers for Yourself.

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May the Lord continue to open your heart to His heart and direct your life according to His kind intentions and gracious will.

Pastor Daniel C. Rhodes
Founder of Destiny Navigators

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