Destiny Navigators

Devotionals for January


  • The Light of the World
  • Kingship-The Destiny of Man
  • Trusted With Freedom
  • The Warrior Team
  • Victory Out of Defeat
  • The Covenant
  • Love That Covers
  • A Name for Yourself
  • A Friend of God
  • Face to Face With God
  • Then What Shall Become of Your Dreams?
  • Destined to Rule Over the Nations


  • The Devil's Greatest Fear
  • God's Solution for a Hurting World
  • The Promised Land
  • Death by Compromise!
  • Divine "Set-Ups"
  • The Angel of His Presence
  • God Rules His Kingdom Through Structure
  • Can a Man Change the Mind of God?
  • Nothing Less Than God's Presence!


  • The Great Exchange
  • A Restructured Life
  • Jubilee Foretaste of the Kingdom
  • When Money Becomes Holy


  • Be Careful What You Ask For!
  • The Grasshopper Mentality
  • Insurrection-Satan's Weapon of Choice!
  • Leadership A Lonely and Narrow Path
  • Stumbling Blocks- Snares of the Devil
  • The Church-God's Ministry of Refuge
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