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Devotionals for December

2 Peter

  • Restoring What Adam Lost
  • More Certain Than What the Eye Sees!
  • Slow Acting Poison
  • Defiled....Again!
  • Since You've Met Jesus

1 John

  • No More Darkness for Me!
  • In Search of the Real Antichrist
  • God's Love - Not of This World!
  • Struggling With Sin?
  • The Fatal Error

2 John

  • The Lady- Representing Christ to the World
  • Entertaining the Antichrist!

3 John

  • The Greatest Gift to Your Pastor
  • There's One in Every Church!


  • The Origin of Evil
  • Snatched Out of the Fire!
  • The Benediction


  • Apocalypse- The Revelation of Jesus & You
  • It Isn't Just a Future Revelation!
  • The "Buck Stops" With the Pastors!
  • The Eternal Plan of God- Revealed
  • Tribulation- It Comes With the Territory
  • Why Is the World in Such a Mess?
  • Babylon the Great- Has Fallen!
  • The Armies of Heaven Followed Him
  • Bound for a Thousand Years?
  • Just Deserts!
  • You Really Will Inherit It All!
  • The Real You!
  • The Great Drama of God Is Finished!
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