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Devotionals for February


  • Preparing the Next Generation
  • The Secret to Pleasing God
  • The Testing of Your Faith
  • Searching for the Mysteries of God
  • Life or Death?- It's Your Choice!


  • Moses, the Servant of the Lord, Is Dead!
  • The Harlot's Heritage
  • Memorial Stones Landmarks for Your Children
  • The Power of Disobedience
  • How Much Authority Do You Really Have?


  • The Terrible Cost of Partial Victory
  • Who Said Women Can't Lead?
  • How Does God Really See You?
  • Don't Play the Fool With Your Covenant


  • A Love Story- How Christ Finds His Bride
  • From the Despised to the Destined

1 Samuel

  • Prayer That Moves the Heart of God
  • Ministry Begins at Home
  • The Error of Saul-A Warning to Leadership
  • The Making of a King-A Divine Process
  • No Match for the Anointing!
  • Covenant Between Kindred Spirits
  • Whosoever Will- A Portrait of God's Church

2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles

  • The Death of an Anointing
  • Covenant- An Invitation to the King's Table
  • Restoration- The Reversal of Evil
  • The Absalom Spirit
  • David's Mighty Men. The Church That Prevails
  • Responding to the Judgment of God
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