Destiny Navigators

Devotionals for March

1 Kings and 2 Chronicles

  • Receiving the Kingdom
  • A Hearing Heart- Entrance to the Kingdom
  • The Covenant and the Presence
  • Attracting the World
  • Losing the Kingdom
  • Voices-Be Careful Who You Listen To
  • The Counterfeit Kingdom

2 Kings

  • The Mantle
  • Seeing the Unseen
  • Anointed Opportunities
  • When God Fights For You
  • Outliving Your Anointing
  • The Unfathomable Mercies of God


  • A God Who Anoints Unbelievers
  • The Weapon of Prophecy
  • Changing the World Where You Live


  • The Sanballat Spirit
  • Joining Flesh With Spirit
  • The Enemy That Lives Within


  • The Vashti Spirit
  • The Esther Spirit
  • The Haman Spirit


  • The Battle Between Two Kingdoms
  • When Satan Sets His Heart on You
  • When God Answers With Questions


  • The Coronation of the King of Glory
  • Vice-Regents of the Earth
  • The Selah Imperative
  • The Spirit of Betrayal
  • In the Shadow of His Wings
  • A Merciful King and His Kingdom
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