Destiny Navigators

Devotionals for July

Life of Jesus - His Identity

  • The Light of Revelation
  • Before Time Began
  • Links in a Spiritual Chain
  • A Sign Spoken Against
  • Shortcuts

Life of Jesus - His Ministry

  • The Prerequisite of the Kingdom
  • Beyond Your Culture
  • Touching the Leper
  • The Only Thing That Astonished Jesus
  • A Friend of Sinners
  • Beyond Offense
  • The Voice of Authority in the World
  • A Sign of the Kingdom
  • Why Are Some Healed - But Others Aren't?
  • Can You Drink the Cup?
  • The Only People Jesus Condemned

Life of Jesus - His Teachings

  • Seeing Is Not Entering
  • God Loves the World - Not Just the Church
  • You Can't Get to Heaven by Being Good
  • Lord, Teach Us to Pray
  • 490 Reasons to Forgive
  • God's Kingdom-Intentionally Hidden
  • Glimpses of the Kingdom
  • The Guide
  • The End of the World

Life of Jesus - His Death and Resurrection

  • The Cry of the King
  • The Judas Spirit
  • The Drama of the Table
  • "It Is Finished" - The Ultimate Destiny
  • The Resurrected Life
  • The Last Things Jesus Did on Earth
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