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Devotionals for September

2 Corinthians

  • A Fragrance of Christ
  • Regaining the Glory
  • Light - Out of Darkness
  • Intentionally Hidden in Flesh
  • Defecting From Satan's Kingdom
  • The Kingdom - A Battle for the Mind
  • Spiritual Failure - In One Easy Step!
  • Just One Glimpse Into Heaven!


  • Stuck in the Past
  • The Promise to Abraham. The Real Story!
  • The Garment of Restoration
  • If Only You Knew!
  • Overcoming Impossible Conflicts
  • The War of the Worlds
  • True Spirituality - The Acid Test!
  • The Seed You Sow Is the Harvest You Grow


  • Before the World Was
  • Seated With Christ
  • Your Witness Against the Devil
  • Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
  • The Gift Jesus Gave to His Church
  • Leaving it All Behind?
  • Why Women Don't Want to Submit to Men!
  • Holy Armor


  • A God Who Finishes What He Begins
  • Turning Trouble Into Testimony
  • Why Old Apostles Refuse to Die!
  • Don't Forget Who You Are!
  • I Press On!
  • Paul's Secret
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