Destiny Navigators

What They Didn't Teach Me in Seminary

In this book you’ll read true life challenges that accompany pastoral ministry. But you’ll also learn how to overcome them. You’ll learn why pastors become discouraged and quit. You’ll discover how to navigate challenges with both natural and spiritual solutions. ... (Read More)

Grandma, Grandpa, Tell Me About God (Part 5) - Pages 21-24

What Will I Be When I Grow Up? What Is Heaven Like?... (Read More)

Grandma, Grandpa, Tell Me About God (Part 4 - Pages 16-20)

Why Do Bad Things Happen and Why Do People Hurt Others?... (Read More)

Grandma, Grandpa, Tell Me About God (Part 3 - Pages 13-15)

What Does God Want Me to Do for Him?... (Read More)

Grandma, Grandpa, Tell Me About God (Part 2) Pages 7-12

Who Is God and What Is He Like? What Does God Do for Me?... (Read More)

Grandma, Grandpa, Tell Me About God (Part 1) - Cover and Pages 1-6)

Cover Who Are Grandmas and Grandpas? Who Am I? How Do I Know There Really Is a God If I Can’t See Him?... (Read More)

Preparing to Sail Into Your Destiny

Workbook One... (Read More)

How Then Shall I Live? Shall I Live with Anger?

Life Decisions Determine Your Destiny... (Read More)

Apocalypse! The Myth – The Story Within the Story

What Will Really Happen When the World Ends?... (Read More)

Want to Teach the Bible? You May Think Twice...After You Read This!

What's the most important thing a Teacher must do?... (Read More)

The Secret to Having a Powerful Ministry! The Story Within the Story

Start with One Heart at a Time!... (Read More)

A Terrorist, God and Me – The Story Within the Story

Can God Use Me?... (Read More)

Why Divorce Isn’t the Unpardonable Sin – The Story Within the Story

What Really Is the Unpardonable Sin?... (Read More)

Want God to Get Even with the Person Who Hurt You? – The Story Within the Story

Want Payback Time? That's not the Heart of God!... (Read More)

Why God Won’t Give You a “Quick-Fix” for Your Problems

Three Reasons Why Quick Fixes Won't Work... (Read More)

Why Some People Will Never Believe - The Story Within the Story

Truth that some may not want to hear!... (Read More)

The Unseen Battle that Rages Over Your Children’s Destinies

Why your children are Satan's favorite target of opportunity!... (Read More)

Why God Doesn’t Stop Demonic Forces from Trying to Influence You

Why did Satan attack Adam and Eve and Why didn’t God Stop him? ... (Read More)

Why God Didn’t Just Destroy the Devil as Soon as He Rebelled

A Fitting End to Satan and his Angels... (Read More)

What Was REALLY Happening in the Bible?

1- Introduction to New Series - 4/23/18... (Read More)

22 Books - Pastor Dan Rhodes

22 Books Written by Pastor Dan Rhodes... (Read More)

40+ Years of Ministry and 22 Books Written by Pastor Dan Rhodes

22 Books Written by Pastor Dan Rhodes with Purchase Links... (Read More)

Discovering the Ancient Paths - A Sample Devotional

Hidden Passageways to the Heart and Mind of God One-Minute Devotionals from Genesis to Revelation ... (Read More)

2017 ICCC Institute Flyer

2017 ICCC Institute Flyer... (Read More)

God's Counterculture Table of Contents

A person without a life-strategy is like a ship without a compass or rudder…they drift with the prevailing winds and currents of society’s ever-changing mores. As with a game of chess, strategic living requires us to think ahead of our opponent, anticipate his moves, and skillfully block his advances. When we live in a fallen world, we must employ a game-ending strategy of moves and countermoves that protect us from its sway and brings God’s influence into the world.... (Read More)

ICCC Institute Inaugural Seminar

The ICCC Institute is hosting its Inaugural Seminar this Saturday, October 29, 2016 at the Crowne Plaza Atlanta Airport from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. ... (Read More)

The Kingdom of God and Bigotry - God's Solution and Our Response

God's Solution to Bigotry and our Response... (Read More)

"Seasons In Time" Available in January 2016 - Table of Contents

Have you ever wondered how God determines when to step into your life and make Himself known? Many times it's during strategic seasons when you need Him the most. The stories you will read in this book are dramatic vignettes of people, written in their own words, as they "Traveled Through Time" across Five Life-Seasons: Childhood, Teenage Years, Young Adult Life, Middle Age, and finally into their Latter Years. Each person was forever changed when God met with them during the hour of their greatest need. ... (Read More)

The Epilogue of Your Life: Creating an Enduring Legacy for Others to Follow

• What is your Legacy and what is it inseparably tied to? • How can your legacy be created, destroyed or restored? • But what if your family won’t follow your legacy? ... (Read More)

My Final Mission - The Ultimate Bucket List! My Latter Years and God

• A retired pastor whose Bucket List was lifeless! • A couple who felt empty after a few years of retirement. • Want a “Bucket List” that brings eternal joy, both in this life and forever? ... (Read More)

Through It All…God Never Let Go of Me! My Later Years and God

• The ravages of Old Age can steal your faith and your joy…if you let it! • Old Age can be depressing…unless your understanding of Redemption is enlarged. • You can have a higher perspective about aging…if you want it! ... (Read More)

Learning to Stop Parenting My Adult Children - My Later Years and God

• Why is it impossible to “parent” grown (and married) children? • How can you release your adult children to fulfill their destinies in life? • But what are you to do when your grown children make wrong choices? ... (Read More)

Retire?? On What??!! My Later Years and God

• Why didn't I start a Retirement Fund when I was young? What’s going to happen to me? • I never even thought about how little the church paid me or that I didn’t have a 401(k). • What can you do to reverse the lack of preparation for retirement? ... (Read More)

The Captivating World of Grandparenting! My Later Years and God

• As I looked into the eyes of our newborn grandchildren, God gave me a “Prophetic Glimpse” of their futures. • How could I possibly be a good grandmother when I never had loving grandparents in my own life? • How you can become God’s Trans-Generational Influence over your grandchildren. ... (Read More)

Am I Obsolete? "Reinvented" By God! My Later Years and God

• A carpenter in his mid-60s who put himself out to pasture too soon. • A 62-year old pastor trying to start over when his Senior Pastor failed morally and the church collapsed. • Read how God can "Reinvent" you…even when you're "Old!" ... (Read More)

Can’t Go to Church…Too Busy! My Middle Age Years and God

• A single Mom, a traveling man, and a financially strapped husband. • So, why do I have to go to church? And what about this “tithing” thing? • What happens when God meets you during your “stressed-out” seasons? ... (Read More)

Parenting My Parents, Until… - My Middle Age Years and God

Sheila and I know that many of you have or are going through the heartbreak of caring for your aging parents as their health deteriorates. We were there for our parents, so we know how the Lord helped us walk through our grief. These are our stories. ... (Read More)

Finding Love Again. My Middle Age Years and God

• I was 40 when she ran off with a younger guy. There’s no way I’ll ever love again! • All I had left were memories and the flag from his funeral. I will never marry again! • Will God approve of a second marriage? Read what happened to these two people. ... (Read More)

Where'd My Youth Go? Midlife Crisis! My Middle Age Years and God

• I was haunted by the aging image in the mirror and grieving the loss of my youth. • When I turned 55, my husband was 70! I still felt young, but he didn't. • What happens when you encounter God in the season of a midlife crisis? ... (Read More)

Teen-Creatures! Help Me Lord! My Middle Age Years and God

• A mom horrified by her daughter's transformation into a snarling "Teen-Creature." • An instant father of two pre-teen stepsons with no idea how to cope with them. • Hormone Crisis! What does God say about Teenagers? ... (Read More)

How Did Life Get So Crazy? My Middle Age Years and God

• A workaholic CEO losing his family and health, yearning for a simpler life. • A married woman on a business trip trying to justify a tryst. • What happened when the Lord stepped into their lives? ... (Read More)

Single Again! Now What? My Middle Age Years and God

• Divorced at 40! I never dreamed it would happen to me. • Who is this woman I’m married to? I don't even recognize her anymore! • What is Marriage and Divorce? Can God possibly feel how much divorce hurts? ... (Read More)

Help Lord! Save Me From Your Followers! My Young Adult Life and God

• A zealous seminary student witnessing at an X-Rated movie! • A jobless alcoholic divorcee and a Bible toting Christian! • How NOT to try to win the lost to Jesus! ... (Read More)

Where’d My Freedom Go? Sleepless Nights and Diapers - My Young Adult Life and God

• A starry-eyed couple who thought having a baby would be "FUN!" • A carefree party-loving couple whose pregnancy turned into a Horror Story. • What happened when they Encountered God? ... (Read More)

Finding the Love of My Life - My Young Adult Life and God

What’s the “Perfect” mate and how do you find them? Sheila and I aren’t claiming to be that “perfect” couple, but we serve the God whose mercy and grace is! This is our story written by us both. ... (Read More)

I’ll Make It On My Own - With or Without God! My Young Adult Life and God

• A self-made man; an atheist and a Christian minister. • What happened when they thought they could make it without God? • Why do some people leave God behind? ... (Read More)

I Didn’t Think Life Would Be Like This! My Young Adult Life and God

• Widowed at 23! • Aids at 30! • Why do bad things happen to good people? ... (Read More)

Rudderless and Adrift! My Young Adult Life and God

• I'm 32 and I don't know why, but I always end up falling for broken-wing birds. • I'm 35 years old and I still don't have a career…or a lasting relationship. • The man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder. ... (Read More)

I’m Free At Last! But Freedom Is Treacherous! My Young Adult Life and God

• What happened to a 24-year-old college graduate with money and freedom? • Where did a young professional woman with no restraints end up? • Freedom, without accountability and God’s guidance will cost you everything!... (Read More)

God…Are You Really Up There? My Teenage World and God

• Why do some teenagers throw away their Faith when they go to College? • What happened to a teenager who started preaching the Gospel at 5 years old? • Three kinds of Faith that teenagers can experience. ... (Read More)

Mother Was My Life Compass. My Teenage World and God

An encounter with God doesn't always have to be a dramatic life-or-death crisis. It can occur as a dawning awareness of His consistent and loving guidance throughout life. This is Sheila's story about her Mother, who became like a second Mother to me. ... (Read More)

When Dad Became My Hero - My Teenage World and God

• What you do if your friend said, "My dad wants to become a woman!" • At eighteen I had it all figured out. So I left home to live with my boyfriend. • What happened to these two teenagers when God touched their lives? ... (Read More)

Gangs and Terrorists – My Substitute Family! My Teenage World and God

• What causes teenagers to leave their families and join gangs or terrorists groups? • Stories of two teens and why they became extremists. • What happened to them when they encountered the Living God? ... (Read More)

Losing the Love of My Life – How Can I Go On? My Later Years and God

With the recent loss of Bishop Kirby Clements' wife (and our dear friend), Sandra, my heart was deeply moved by his heart-broken grief, yet without losing hope or trust in God. Therefore, I decided to jump ahead of schedule for this one posting and write about "The Later Years." It's the stories of two people and how they dealt with the indescribable grief of the death of a beloved spouse. These are not fictional stories. They really happened.... (Read More)

Why I Didn’t Trust Anyone – My Teenage World and God

• In a drunken rage my "father" beat my mother and me nearly to death. • This was her fourth boyfriend since dad died a year ago! • Shattered trust is irreversible…unless God steps into a broken life. ... (Read More)

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places – My Teenage World and God

• "I think I'm pregnant," my girlfriend sobbed, "What are we going to do?" • Two worlds collided in me: one was toys and teddy bears; the other was hormones running wild! • Personal stories of two teenagers who discovered God's intentions for love. ... (Read More)

The Dance of Identity – My Teenage World and God

• What about gender confusion? Is there an answer? • What's the root cause of identity problems? • Real life stories of two teenagers and how God walked with them through their struggles. ... (Read More)

As the Twig Is Bent, So Grows the Tree - My Childhood Years and God

• An Atheist, a Militant Muslim and a Christian. • Stories of three children and how they believed. • Where were they headed in life? What happened when they encountered the Living God? ... (Read More)

My Lost Childhood - My Childhood Years and God

• My parents sold me for drugs when I was a baby. By the time I was ten, I was forced into the dark world of child sex trafficking! • I was five years old the first time I saw death. Bullets from an inner city gang riddled our house and left my brother dead in a pool of blood. • These children had their childhood ripped away…until Christ came into their lives. ... (Read More)

Why I Learned to Love Myself - My Childhood Years and God

• I was picked on, bullied and targeted for pranks. I hated myself so much I wanted to die! • I blamed God for my disfigurement every time my classmates called me a freak! • Read what happened to these two children when they responded to God’s gracious visitations. ... (Read More)

"Chosen of God" – Sheila’s Childhood Story

Everybody who knows me knows Sheila, my sweet southern wife. But what you may not know is her encounter with the Lord as a child. This is her story…it’ll make you love her even more!... (Read More)

Growing Up Angry - My Childhood Years and God

• I began to feel rage welling up in my heart…anger so great I wanted to kill everyone who had ever hurt me. • I was only a 9-year old little girl, but my father’s cousin looked at me as if I was 19! • Read what happened to these two children when they had a visitation from God. ... (Read More)

Bad Company and Wrong Friends! My Childhood Years and God

What happens when we get hooked up with wrong friends? What’s the best thing that could happen to us when we’re walking in the wrong direction? Real life stories of children who were headed toward a life of crime. ... (Read More)

Life Isn't Fair – Stories of Unfair Childhoods and God

Is God aware of the unfair lives of children? If He is, then what does He do about it? Read three amazing stories of children and how God reversed their tragedies. ... (Read More)

Encountering God Face to Face – Experiencing Kairos Moments

Who IS God and what is He NOT? Many try to find Him through many different ways, but few ever do. Some had Kairos Moments with God, but explained them away.... (Read More)

Time, Seasons and Kairos Moments - “Seasons In Time” Ministry Series

Without “Kairos” Moments, your time on earth and the seasons of your life are total mysteries. Without “Kairos” Moments, your life will lack true meaning or purpose and you will not have an adequate way to interpret experiences, whether good or bad.... (Read More)

Seeing Your Whole Life in One Glance - New Ministry Series: "Seasons In Time"

This new ministry series is a collection of real-life vignettes of people who encountered God Face to Face. The series is divided into 5 episodes of life with 7 dramatic stories in each episode.... (Read More)

New Ministry Series: "Seasons In Time" – Encountering God Face to Face

This new ministry series is a collection of real-life vignettes of people who encountered God Face to Face. This series is divided into 5 episodes of life with 7 dramatic stories in each episode. ... (Read More)

What Will You Be Like When the World Ends? The Kingdom of God in Revelation

Most Christians know the world comes to an end when Jesus returns. But what will happen to you? Sure, you'll be in Heaven, but what will you be like? ... (Read More)

When Your Life Is Over, How Will God Judge You? The Kingdom of God in Jude

There's nothing that strikes fear in people's heart (even many Christians) like knowing they will have to stand before God to be judged for their actions on earth. What really happens when that day comes?... (Read More)

There's One In Every Church! The Kingdom of God in 3 John

You may not recognize his name, but you'll know him instantly by John's declaration, "he loves to be first!" His name was Diotrephes...the "alpha-male, take-charge, my-way-or-the-highway" church pseudo-leader. And he may be in YOUR church as well! ... (Read More)

Seasons In Time - New Series Coming Soon

New series coming at the end of March, 2015... (Read More)

Dancing With The Antichrist! The Kingdom of God in 2 John

What a horrifying thought…that Christians would open their doors to the Antichrist himself! But that's exactly what John said would happen if the early church didn't carefully discern those who came among them. And it can happen even today! ... (Read More)

No More Darkness for Me! The Kingdom of God in 1 John

With his heart pounding, the young accountant closed the books and signed the financial statement. Feeling pressure from within and without, he "cooked" the books! With a sick feeling in his stomach, he walked into the darkness of the night and into the darker world of corporate fraud. ... (Read More)

Slow Acting Poison! The Kingdom of God in 2 Peter

They crept into the first-century church like sinister animals. Just as wolves shadow a herd to pick off the young and the weak, they'll creep into your life as well…unless you recognize and stop them!... (Read More)

What If God Offers Mercy to People You Despise? The Kingdom of God in 1 Peter

Peter never expected this…but when it happened, it changed his theology forever! The very people he was taught to reject were offered impartial mercy by God.... (Read More)

Oh Lord, I’ve Failed the Test…Again! The Kingdom of God in James

Don't kid yourself! You’ll never be a sinless Christian. Sin is a predator, crouching at the door; and its desire is for you. It knows your weaknesses and lies in ambush for your soul. So, what are we to do when we sin repeatedly?... (Read More)

Turning Misery Into Ministry. The Kingdom of God in Hebrews

We live in a world riddled with temptation, sin and suffering. Though it's impossible for anyone to escape these things, God can turn your misery into vicarious ministry for others. How does He do it?... (Read More)

Offenses, Failures and Rejection! The Kingdom of God in Philemon

Have you ever failed? Failed so miserably that you not only offended those you respected, but were rejected by them as well? You're not alone. That actually happened to John Mark, the younger cousin of Barnabas! ... (Read More)

Righteous Living…A Hopeless Fantasy? The Kingdom of God in Titus

The fallen character is so thoroughly ingrained in the human soul that any attempt at self-reformation is futile! Is it even possible to live righteously in this life! ... (Read More)

Unlocking Your Spiritual DNA. The Kingdom of God in 2 Timothy

It runs in families. It really does! It’s called Spiritual DNA. Some have godly ancestors who love Christ and His Kingdom. But for others, their spiritual heritage leads to destruction! ... (Read More)

Prophecy - The Strategy of the Spirit. The Kingdom of God in 1 Timothy

The devil has successfully skewed the minds of people, even Christians, to believe that the Church is impotent in warring against his kingdom. But there is a spiritual strategy by which you can defeat the works of the devil in your life. ... (Read More)

Why Some People Will Never Believe. The Kingdom of God in 2 Thessalonians

It’s the side of God that no one wants to talk about. In fact, very few even know the depth of its truth. Yet, it's just as valid as His gracious love, compassion and forgiveness. ... (Read More)

When Satan Thwarts You! The Kingdom of God in 1 Thessalonians

How much power does the devil really have? For those who think he is powerless, why did Paul write, "I tried to come to you more than once, but Satan stopped us!" ... (Read More)

The Hardest Thing for Christians to Do! The Kingdom of God in Colossians

It’s easy to talk a good game, even to quote scripture and preach at others. But living it out is an entirely different matter. The Kingdom of God is more than theory…it is practical Christianity lived out in everyday life.... (Read More)

Why Old Apostles Refuse to Die! The Kingdom of God in Philippians

The life of the aged Apostle Paul had been filled with dangers, trials and suffering. He knew it would be better for him to just simply depart this life and be with the Lord. Yet he tenaciously pressed on.... (Read More)

Women Submit to Men? You Can’t Be Serious! The Kingdom of God in Ephesians

On the backdrop of fallen humanity, try telling a woman she has to "submit" to a non-communicative, blame shifting, hurtful, dominating and egotistical man! What do you think her response would be?... (Read More)

The War Within - Two Kingdoms Colliding! The Kingdom of God in Galatians

It was an ancient war, erupting before time began. It was an intense battle between two diametrically opposite kingdoms. And now the battleground is in you and rages in your soul! ... (Read More)

Deadly Trap…It’s Not What You Think! The Kingdom of God in 2 Corinthians

It happened to the Sons of Sceva. Instead of overpowering demons, demons beat them into submission (Acts 19:13-16)! It happened to Korah. Instead of gaining the priesthood, he lost his life (Num. 16:1-35)! It can happen to you too…unless you learn this principle! ... (Read More)

Evangelism Shock - For Mature Audiences Only! The Kingdom of God in 1 Corinthians

The tavern was filled with boisterous men and loose women. At one table were thieves and cutthroats dealing in blood money. But at another you would find the Apostle Paul! Who, then, was this man named Paul…a two-faced hypocrite?!... (Read More)

If Satan Is Defeated, Why am I Still Attacked? The Kingdom of God in the Romans

Over a hundred generations have come and gone since Jesus triumphed over Satan…but he's still on the loose! He appears to be alive and well, seducing Christians away from the faith. So, what happened to Christ's victory over the devil? ... (Read More)

In the Midst of Your Storm – The Kingdom of God in the Acts

Without warning a horrific northeastern typhoon swept down upon the ship that held the imprisoned apostle. Unleashing its violence, it drove the doomed vessel through mountainous waves toward an appointment with destiny. ... (Read More)

The Judas Spirit – The Kingdom of God as Seen in the Life of Jesus

Judas, chosen to be an apostle of God, perished in tragedy and guilt. But he didn't start out as a vile and wicked man. He was just an ordinary person with a fallen nature. What happened to him?... (Read More)

490 Reasons to Forgive – The Kingdom of God as Seen in the Life of Jesus

"I'll never forgive you for what you did to me! But even if I did, I'll never forget how you hurt me!" Have you ever heard someone say this before? Maybe you've even said it yourself. What really happens when your forgive someone?... (Read More)

Touching the Leper – The Kingdom of God as Seen in the Life of Jesus

He embodied everyone’s greatest fears…disfigurement, disease and death. He was a leper, the scourge of society. Most considered him sinful and cursed of God. No one would help; much less touch him…until he met Jesus.... (Read More)

Before Time Began – The Kingdom of God as Seen in the Life of Jesus

Before the heavens or the earth or even time existed, there was God. It was there, in that infinite realm veiled in mystery, that God decreed His eternal purposes. ... (Read More)

Restoration…It Begins With the Fathers – The Kingdom of God in Malachi

Malachi was the last of the Old Testament Prophets…God’s final word to the generation of the Mosaic Law. He gave His people one final chance to “get it right” before eternal judgment fell. This time He promised a plan that no one expected.... (Read More)

The Accusation – The Kingdom of God in Zechariah

There he stood…defiant, arrogant and armed with accusations. With cunning and skill, Satan blended facts and lies together to weave a garment of guilt and condemnation. The target of his attack was Joshua, the High Priest. But what if it were YOU! ... (Read More)

A Stirred-Up Spirit and a Made-Up Mind – The Kingdom of God in Haggai

For fifteen years Israel’s temple that had been destroyed laid unfinished…until the word of the Lord came to Haggai. The people were about to have a Divine Attitude Adjustment they would never forget!... (Read More)

Losing Out With God…Is It Really Possible? The Kingdom of God in Zephaniah

Do you think God ever gets "fed up" with repeated belligerence toward His people and defiance against Him? Is there ever a point when God's patience and mercy gives way to righteous judgment? The answer is YES!... (Read More)

Is It Okay to Question God? The Kingdom of God in Habakkuk

Habakkuk's people were on the brink of invasion…and God wasn't doing anything to stop it! "How long, O Lord, will I call for help and You will not hear?" was his complaint. But the great prophet wasn't prepared for God's shocking answer!... (Read More)

A Glimpse of the End of the World - The Kingdom of God in Nahum

She was indeed the "bloody city" and the "mistress of sorceries." Heartless and cruel beyond human imagination, she added the disgust of idolatry to her guilt…belligerently trampling over the God who had once extended her mercy. ... (Read More)

The Church of the "Leftovers" - The Kingdom of God in Micah

"It's over for you! You've 'messed up' too many times. God is weary with your foolishness. You'll never 'get it together,' so you might as well give up. There's no place for you in God's Kingdom!" Have you ever heard words like these before? Maybe you've even said these things about yourself. ... (Read More)

You Can Run But You Can't Hide! The Kingdom of God in Jonah

Standing in the dark shadows was a man waiting for the next ship to sail from Joppa. With a set to his jaw and anger in his face, he boarded the vessel bound for Tarshish…a Spanish port 2500 miles away! Men can run from their God, but they can't hide! ... (Read More)

Be Careful Who You Fight Against! The Kingdom of God in Obadiah

Do you know someone who has deep animosity toward a person in the church because of a past hurt? What should they do if they see that person in trouble? Learn the lesson from the book of Obadiah and you’ll know exactly what NOT to do!... (Read More)

Logos of the Kingdom - Coming Soon

The latest book from Destiny Navigators is just about ready for release. The “Logos” (Word) of the Kingdom is the very “LOGIC” of the inner workings of the Kingdom of God. That Divine Logic is now available to you in one of the most comprehensive books on the Kingdom of God that you will ever find. With over 3,300 scripture references, you can unlock the mysteries of the Kingdom and apply them in your life, in your family, in your vocation and in your church. ... (Read More)

The Logos of the Kingdom - Table of Contents

Table of Contents for the latest book release from Destiny Navigators... (Read More)

Getting Close to God's Heart! The Kingdom of God in Amos

There is a way to get close to God's heart that endears you to Him. But then there is a way to offend His heart that brings horrific consequences.... (Read More)

What Even God Can’t Resist! The Kingdom of God in Joel

Joel’s strong prophetic heart became tender and his countenance softened. His clenched fist relaxed into a beckoning hand of kindness. Despite the appalling sin of God’s people, Joel began to intercede for them.... (Read More)

Beyond Remedy - The Kingdom of God in Hosea

He was heartbroken and overwhelmed with grief. The pain of betrayal and infidelity by the woman he loved so dearly was more than he could bear. For this was not just a momentary fling…Hosea’s wife had become a prostitute!... (Read More)

The Fire Walkers - The Kingdom of God in Daniel

As Christians, we have faith in an all-powerful God who can deliver us out of sudden disaster. But what if He doesn't? Will you still have faith?... (Read More)

In Your Darkest Hour - The Kingdom of God in Ezekiel

There exists a principle in God's Kingdom that very few discover. The Lord accompanies you in your great missions and victories…but what about in your FAILURES?... (Read More)

Need Wisdom? Don’t Follow Your Heart! The Kingdom of God in Jeremiah

“Are you confused about a decision? Do you need wisdom when you don’t know what to do? Well, just follow your heart and everything will be Okay.” Have you ever heard anyone say this before? Don’t believe it! It’s a lie from Hell itself!... (Read More)

What Stuns God? The Kingdom of God in Isaiah

It’s not sin that stuns God. It’s not evil that contaminates the hearts of His people. And it’s not perversion that invades a nation and corrupts their land that astonished our Lord. So what was it that causes God to be appalled?... (Read More)

Catching Little Foxes! The Kingdom of God in Song of Solomon

The air is crisp and still. Darkness is being transformed into pastel pinks and yellows as the sun’s rays caress the morning sky. Quietly your thoughts reflect on the goodness of God as you turn to one of your favorite scriptures. Then it happens…the “Little Foxes” jump up and grab you!... (Read More)

Is This All There Is To Life- The Kingdom of God in Ecclesiastes

He had everything a man could ever desire…palaces, servants, horses, chariots, wives and concubines. Yet, amidst all this lavish luxury, King Solomon was unfulfilled! Why?... (Read More)

Telling Your Own Future - The Kingdom of God in Proverbs

Do you wish you could know what lies in your future? Some say "Yes," but others are afraid to ask…especially if they've looked into their future and don’t like what they see! So, can your future be changed? ... (Read More)

In the Shadow of His Wings - The Kingdom of God in Psalms

David was running scared. He was only one man, but he was relentlessly pursued by an entire army. Fearful and totally outnumbered, he and a small group who joined him hid like cornered animals in a desert cave. David had only one hope…his calling and relationship with the Lord! ... (Read More)

When God Answers With Questions - The Kingdom of God in Job

He was a desert prince…prominent and wealthy beyond measure. He was known by his countrymen as a man of great wisdom…righteous in all his ways. But when stricken with extreme tragedy and illness, Job ran out of answers! ... (Read More)

The Esther Spirit – Power of Influence from Within Dark Kingdoms.

Anxiously, she paced back and forth agonizing over what she should do. If she revealed her Jewish identity and approached the king on behalf of her people, she could be killed. But if she waited, her people would surely die. ... (Read More)

The Enemy That Lies Within! The Kingdom of God in Nehemiah

No one could have ever thought of such a diabolical plan…except for the devil himself! Not in the wildest of dreams could anyone have believed that the enemy of God’s people was living in the inner chambers of God’s House! ... (Read More)

The Weapon of Prophecy - The Kingdom of God in Ezra

Prophecy is more than a divine declaration…it’s a weapon against evil (1 Tim. 1:18). When mixed with faith, God’s “ever-proceeding” word is the Sword of the Lord that defeats the devil. ... (Read More)

Seeing the Unseen! The Kingdom of God in 2 Kings

Just beyond the borders of your natural mind lies the unseen world of the supernatural. It’s a world where angelic beings are flaming agents of God prepared to war on behalf of the righteous. It’s hidden by human reasoning, but with spiritual eyes it can be seen. ... (Read More)

Voices…Be Careful Who You Listen To! The Kingdom of God in 1 Kings and 2 Chronicles.

Israel was split in two…plunged into an irrevocable civil war that divided their kingdom for thousands of years! And it was all because of the foolishness of a king who would not listen to godly counsel. ... (Read More)

The Kingdom of God in 2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles…The Death of an Anointing!

Saul died twice…first spiritually, then physically. For when his anointing died, so did his purpose for living! He played the fool and lost everything God had given to him.... (Read More)

The Kingdom of God in 1 Samuel…Prayer That Moves the Heart of God!

Do you know someone who desperately needs an answer from God? What kind of prayer moves the heart of God? The woman in this Biblical story found out…and so can you when you read this amazing real-life account! ... (Read More)

The Kingdom of God in Ruth... From the Despised to the Destined!

Do you know anyone who is the object of hatred, scorn and prejudice? Do you see a person who others have given up for lost? Maybe this might even describe you! If so, this real-life story is for you! ... (Read More)

The Kingdom of God in Judges: Who Said Women Can’t Lead?

For 20 years Israel was oppressed by a pagan army. Faced an immensely superior military force, God promised them victory. But God didn't speak to Barak, commander of the Israelites. And neither would Barak go to war without this great leader…the first woman judge of Israel! ... (Read More)

The Kingdom of God in Joshua: Memorial Stones…Landmarks for Your Children

“Grandpa, what are these stones? Who put them here? What do they mean?” This question may have been asked by a young lad 3,400 years ago during the days of Joshua. But this account is more than just a good Bible story…it’s how God transfers faith to the next generation! ... (Read More)

The Kingdom of God in Deuteronomy: The Testing of Your Faith

The Lord doesn't cause evil to come upon you…but He may allow hardships and humbling experiences to test your heart! Not every problem is a test, but at times God allows the dramas in your life to play out for the proof of your faith.... (Read More)

The Kingdom of God in Numbers: Leadership…A Lonely and Narrow Path

Wouldn't it be great to be like Moses? How wonderful it must have been to talk with God face to face as a man speaks to a friend! But wait till you read the Rest of the Story. It wasn't quite as glamorous as you may think. It can destroy your ministry! ... (Read More)

The Kingdom of God in Leviticus… Jubilee! Foretaste of the Kingdom

The ram’s horn sounded, piercing the stillness of the early morning desert air. Many wept in overwhelming gratitude to God for His gracious plan of restoration. It was Jubilee!... (Read More)

The Kingdom of God in Exodus - The Devil’s Greatest Fear!

Are you afraid of the devil? Most people are. But would you believe that the devil actually fears you? “How so?” you may ask. The answer lies in the reality that many Christians may never know their true identity or the devil’s ability to calculate their potential in God’s Kingdom. ... (Read More)

Discovering the Kingdom of God in Genesis...The Light of the World!

As my esteemed colleague, Bishop Kirby Clements, once said, “If you don’t get the first three chapters of Genesis right, you won’t understand the Kingdom.” The first three chapters of Genesis records more than the creation of the world…it reveals the Drama of the Kingdom in which you are God’s warrior against evil! ... (Read More)

What Is the Kingdom of God?

The Message of the Kingdom of God is Eternal. Yet it can be misunderstood and even discarded if you think it’s a just theological concept reserved only for academic studies in Bible Schools and Seminaries. Many fail to realize that God’s Kingdom impacts every aspect of your life. It was around you when you were born; it guides you through life; and it’s present with you when you die. ... (Read More)

A Glimpse of Setting Your Heart on the Kingdom Teaching Series

More Than an Ordinary Devotional Series...These Are Teachings on the Kingdom of God With Practical Principles and Life Applications ... (Read More)

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